say hello to my 'ME' time today



First i went to gym. You know, doing some exercise, burn those fat-ass away.

Then i went to Istana Plaza (IP). And yessssss, i did it all by myself. I went there alone hehe it was kinda strange because i often go anywhere alone. Usually i text my friend, my sister, or my boyfriend to accompany me to go somewhere. Or maybe i ask my mom, dad, even my lil' brother.
When i got to the mall, i totally felt weird. But as i make those weird-felt go, i just feel fine.
I went to Gaudi and found a simple-but-awesome black top (i'll post the picture later). I bought that then i went to times bookstore to buy Sophie kinsella latest novel, Twenties Girl. I'm dying to buy the english version because they had a cuter book-cover than indonesian version haha
BUT -again, the book was sold out so i should order it :(
Finally i bought Gogirl magazine which i always buy every month (hey, i'm a big fan by the way).
After that i bought my favorite 'J-cool with two topings' and read my unfinished novel, Luka Cinta Andrea. Has anyone read it? OMFG the book is amazing even i haven't finished read it yet :)


By the way i'm in love with these roxy watches. They available in different color but i'd prefer shock pink or green :p